Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Wonder Woman 3.9: The Deadly Dolphin

Airdate: 12/1/78

A devious land-grabber has some plans for primo coastal property, which he plans to devalue by causing an oil spill. How? He’s also behind the kidnapping of a dolphin named Bluebeard from a marine park, and plans on using the aquatic prodigy to attach a magnetized bomb to the hull of a huge tanker. Bluebeard’s trainers use another dolphin, Gladys, and the help of Diana/WW (a.ka. “Aqua Woman”) to save Bluebeard from its nefarious agenda.

So-so episode benefits from some lush, oceanic scenery, and a plot that isn’t too farfetched, although one could argue there must be easier ways to explode an oil tanker. Character actors abound her, particularly prolific soap opera star Nicolas Coaster as Silas the head baddie. Lots of stock footage, too, the most noticeable being shots of an undersea “Aqua Woman” from the other episode in which she appears. Lovely score is above-average. 

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