Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wonder Woman 3.10: Stolen Faces

Airdate: 12/15/78

Edgar Percy, a fashion maestro and prosthetic makeup wiz, is planning the heists to end all heists: a benefit saltute to the ‘20s, attended by Washington millionaires, in which the models rob the audience. So they don’t call the cops, Percy has also made a fake Steve Trevor and Wonder Woman part of the show, pretending to nab the thieves and take back all their stolen wares. During rehearsal for this extravaganza, Nancy, the girl playing WW, saves a child from a hit and run, and when she is knocked unconscious, her exploits make all the papers. While in the hospital, Diana, and a male admirer of Nancy’s, stop an attempt on her life, leading them down a trail of bread crumbs that help them stop the
pernicious production.

Another moderately interesting story, but the writers must be wracking theirbrains trying to come up with unique and colorful villainous plots, since those are the stars of he show (no real development among the heroes of this series). Once conceived, the formulas are simple – reveal only a little at a time (starting with the piquant but cryptic cold open), until it snowballs into the big climax, peppering it with WW appearances along the way. This is pretty much business as usual for the show at this point, although gaps in logic pop up here and there – e.g.: why does Percy need to be such as makeup expert too? Couldn’t just being an expert director of shows be enough. (No one really knows what Trevor looks like anyway, and since his voice doesn’t match what’s the point?) Oh, and by the way, whenever there’s a security guard appointed to guard someone on the show, they are always, 100% ineffective! (In this case, a sheriff is distracted by a phone call!!!)

Episode highlight: Diana transforms into WW, as she falls from a building!

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