Wednesday, June 12, 2013

“Mother’s Day on Waltons Mountain”

Airdate: 5/9/82

This time we begin with a wedding- that of Mary Ellen and struggling veterinarian Jonesy. A subdued affair (remember this is her second), it is attended by the entire family, minus Olivia, whom we see on the mend at hersanitarium in Arizona. The honeymoon is a camping trip, during which Mary Ellen has a jeep accident and suffers internal injuries, including a ruptured uterus, rendering her incapable of safely
having children. Feeling that she’s let Jonesy, who wants a large family, down, she keeps it a secret from him, and withdraws from him sexually, leaving him confused and angry. After heart to hearts with John and Olivia (whom she visits), she realizes her secrecy isn’t fair to her beloved, and so they both discuss the situation – with the outcome that Mary Ellen and John Curtis are the only family Jonesy wants – and needs.

Sidelined are Erin (she had the spotlight in the other movie), Jason (again), and Grandma and John Boy, neither of whom are in this one. Aimee Godsey returns from prep school, assumedly prim and cultured but actually a bit of a wild child, having received tutelage from a “bohemian” professor who let her be a bit uncouth. Of course this horrifies Corrabeth, and enraes Elizabeth when she starts flirting with Drew. Amiee breaks down when she sees how much she’s alienated everyone, and faces off against Corabeth by doubting her love – considering how often she’s been sent off to boarding and finishing schools. Her adoptive mother has much explaining to do, but not as much as Cindy’s real mom, Bernadette, who’s driving a wedge between Ben and his family – and that includes newborn son Charlie. Again, John intercedes, and now Bernadette is back to being just another annoying mother-in-law.

Spectacular way to celebrate mom’s day – having a story where Mary Ellen can’t be a mother! Well, The Waltons has been no stranger to irony before, but this time it’s a bit of a downer – at least we have Michael Learned here for a couple of scenes. Second reunion movie finds its groove now, and featuring a medical tragedy means it’s a true Waltons holiday.

Different actress, DeAnna Robbins, plays Aimee now – and boy is she a sexpot, to the point where it’s difficult to consider her the same character as before. Joanna Kerns makes a brief appearance as the reverend’s new wife. John Curtis, older now, has a few lines.

With all the Waltons kids now romantically paired up (Aimee appears to be on Jim-Bob’s tail), we have enough wedding potential for the next 4 holidays – and no imminent wars to kill any menfolk off (well…).

Same opening as the previous TVM. Timeframe: same year, 1947.

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