Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Waltons 9.15: “The Pearls”

Airdate: 3/12/81

Corabeth covets a set of pearls bequeathed to her sister by their dying aunt, so she goes to Doe Run to settle the matter; only problem is, her sister, Orma Lee (also played by Corabeth portrayer, Ronnie Claire Edwards) has come to Waltons Mountain – and no one can believe they’re related. Extroverted, flashy and “uncouth,” Orma Lee knows how to party with the best of ‘em, even outdrinking Ike over a game of pool. The Waltons themselves seemed charmed by woman who knows how to have a good time, but when homesick Corabeth returns, old wounds reopen, and buried feeling reemerge. Ultimately, Orma Lee lets her sister have the pearls, and Corabeth relinquishes half her inherited china.

While visiting, Orma Lee inadvertently put the idea in Elizabeth’s head that she should run away. Already feeling neglected by the absence of her parents, she decides to picks up the next bus to Arizona, but Jason intercepts and promises to drive her there himself once Olivia recovers.

Edwards is an absolute hoot in her role as Orma Lee – you can tell her delight in acting a role that’s the polar opposite of Corabeth. Spouting sassy, homespun phrases and witticisms, she is makes it hard to believe the same actress is playing both parts. Of course, in the end we get the old split screen/over the shoulder shots to have both characters in the same scene, but the acting really pulls it off.

John-Boy is ostensibly home, is nowhere in sight. How is he still narrating events he isn’t there for?

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