Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wonder Woman 2.22: The Murderous Missile

Airdate: 4/21/78

Diana’s on her way to observe the test launch of a though-controlled missile called the Athena Project, but on her way gets stranded in a remote small town inhabited only by the police, a telephone operator and a gas station attendant. One act of delay leads to another, and through a mysterious motorcyclist she learns she is being detained by the “townsfolk,” who are actually fired members of Athena, now attempting to steal the missile with the use of one of the stolen control helmets. With no way to communicate with the outside world, the bad guys’ plot is accomplished – but one of them, “George,” betrays the others, opting for power over money, and tries to get away on motorcycle – but WW, donning her own, sharp biker outfit, easily outraces him and delivers the missile back to its rightful owners: the U.S. government… much better! J

Traditionally, producers of a series schedule the last show of a season to be theone easiest to film, and that’s certainly the case with this episode – all shot in backlot locations (that same Wild West town, again), with a small cast and very low budget special effects – second-unit shots of that missile have some strings attached… literally! But the story is craftily plotted, scattering information out only gradually, until we finally figure out what’s going on with this fake town of Borrogone, which might resemble to some the phony villa in The Truman Show. Highlight, to be sure, is that motorcycle chase, although it does go on a bit long.

By and large, a good coda to WW’s second season, and now, on to #3!

Evil Kinevil, eat your heart out!

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