Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Wonder Woman 3.8: Skateboard Wiz

Airdate: 11/24/78

Diana takes a much-deserved vacation in Santa Corona, California, but, of course, her R&R turns into an assignment when she discovers a mysteriously set fire, and then is accosted by two men who attempt to drown her. Meanwhile a skateboarding teenage girl with a photographic memory is goaded into playing a few hands of blackjack my a man recently ejected from a secret casino – a casino owned by the same nefarious thug, Donalsen, trying to run down-on-their luck businesses out of town so he can extend his gambling empire. The girl, who knows a bit too much, is now a prime target, but with “Wonder Skateboarder” on the hunt, Donalsen and his boys don’t stand a chance.

Fun episode functions fitfully as a great timepiece episode, what with all the1979 video games and depiction of the nascent 80s skateboarding craze. Atlantic City had recently legalized gambling, opening the door up, for better or worse depending on whom you ask, for a billion dollar casino industry – so there’s definitely topicality here. Cynthia Eilbacher, who up until now was best known as bitchy Martha Rose on The Waltons, is absolutely beguiling here (even if she’s not doing her own skateboarding). And of course, WW gets to try on a new outfit, although I’m not sure of its necessity, given that she’s a fast enough runner to chase down cars anyway.

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