Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Waltons 9.13: “The Gold Watch”

Airdate: 2/26/81

William Schallert reprises his role as Stanley, Rose’s love interest, who has returned to the mountain from a hospital somewhere. Rose discovers it was a mental hospital, where he was treated for a nervous breakdown after getting fired and now wants no part of. Starting live anew is no easy feat, but through his acute salesmanship he helps out Jason, the Baldwins and the Godseys. After a lapse of doubt, his self-esteem is bolstered and gets a job in the ad dept. of the local paper, foisting his sister’s plans to have him return to the hospital.
Subplot: With no customers at the Dew Drop, Jason hires a popular country singer. But when he puts the move on Toni, she and Jason are forced to provide the bar entertainment – which turns out to be a rousing success!

Schallert returns and does another outstanding job in his role as dejected salesman Stanley (think Willy Loman), and the issue of mental hospitalization and the stigma attached to it is marginally addressed. Lisa Harrison is also great, and the show highlight is definitely her and Jason’s rendition of the 40’s classic “Jingle Jangle.”

Oh, the show’s namesake is a gold watch Rose gives Stanley on behalf of the difference he’s made on Walton’s Mountain during his short visit.

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