Thursday, June 6, 2013

Waltons 9.18: “The Indiscretion”

Airdate: 5/7/81

Or The Taming of the Shrew, Godsey style. Corabeth is mad as a hornet at Ike, but this time it’s serious: she moves out and serves him with divorce papers, all allegedly over a romantic interlude he had entertained 5 years earlier. Corabeth refuses to discuss the matter with Ike, so he is first confused and later retaliatory, even hiring an escort to make his wife jealous. When he finally discovers the basis for her allegations, he admits his guilt, but also that it was ended once his paramour realized she could never break up such a loving marriage. The couple reconcile, but oh, what a brawl this “indescretion” hath provoked! On the Walton side, Drew is hot and heavy for Elizabeth, and wants to “spend the night” with her on their anniversary. After much soul searching, she puts on the red light (not that red light) and admits she’s not ready.

Provocative installment notable for the acid-tongued Corabeth at herhighfalutin’ nastiness, and the series’ continued handling of all the hot-button topic of the day, in this case: teen sex! (Well, this was the year that was supposed to be more youth-oriented.) Of course, everything turns out chaste in the end, but shouldn’t the larger issue here be absentee parenting? What do you expect with no John or Olivia? Next week: savvy businessman Ben turns the house into a brothel.

Heightened presence of Ike and Corabeth gives them more screen time this season than in all previous put together. Why not make them the parents?

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coffeephlover said...

Corabeth has nice pantyhose legs. Wanna slip her heels off and massage her pantyhose feet

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