Friday, June 7, 2013

Waltons 9.19: “The Heartache”

Airdate: 5/14/81

Stanley has just gotten a promotion at his newspaper job, and sees this as the perfect opportunity to try his hand at marriage once again with Rose. Seems like it’s going fine, until her “heartburn” is officially diagnosed as chest pains, potentially leading to a heart attack. Not wanting to drag a husband down to a life of watching by the sidelines, she calls off the wedding, but tells no one, especially Stanley, the reasons for change of heart (pun intended). Gradually everyone finds out (it is the Waltons after all), Stanley tries to change her mind one last time before leaving. He does, and they both “do,” as conjugal bliss awaits them both.

The Waltons most charming romance ends with this show, as both characters exit the series now, ostensibly leaving a family with no authority figures. Schallert is once again engaging here, although to be sure this episode drags, even by Waltons standards – I think it’s essentially a non-problem here, protracted to fill out a hour’s worth of drama. Subplot, involving Cindy entering the workplace at a boutique and unreluctant to leave her daughter during her most formative years, is borrowed from other storylines, particularly the one involving Olivia in the same predicament.

Home stretch now – only 3 episodes to go!!!

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