Monday, June 3, 2013

Waltons 9.11: “The Carousel”

Airdate: 2/12/81

In a pretty traumatic opening, Cindy’s father is killed in a car accident en route to see his daughter. Oh, she gets over that quickly enough; it’s just that at the funeral she sees a mysterious woman and later discovers, while rifling through he dad’s old stuff, that she’s adopted! Bound to find her real mother (whom the audience knows the identity of right away), she follows a bread-crumb trail, and mysterious premonitions of a carousel, to the woman at the funeral. Her name is Bernadine - it turns out she was pregnant, the father died before they could get married, and ashamed, she gave up her child to a couple under the promise that she’d never contact them again. Cold and distant, Bernadine rebuffs Cindy at first, but after they agree to meet at a carousel, she agrees to be the mother she never was before.

Elizabeth, still hot for Drew, is getting’ pretty excited when he sleeps over for aweek. But Drew is happy because he’s staying with the big family she never had. It takes the ol’ green monster to get him to pay attention to her, not her siblings.

Lightweight offering is reminiscent of “The Ferris Wheel” episode with its visions of carnival rides (and creepy calliope music). This one is not nearly as clever in its explanation of those visions, but it gives Cindy loads of screen time, and some chances to show off her acting chops.

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