Monday, June 17, 2013

Wonder Woman 3.2: Hot Wheels

Airdate: 9/29/78

Diana and a fellow fed, Alfie, go undercover to bust a ring of car thieves; he wants to nab the ringleader, Otis Fiskle, while she needs the hood ornament to one of the stolen antiques, wherein lies a microchip containing key information about an enemy missile program. Shaky at first, their teamwork proves fruitful when both agents, wired with mics and equipped with secret cameras, are able to overcome being discovered, kidnapped and nearly murdered – WW helps a bit to bust the entire operation and return all cars, and microchip, back to safer hands.

Not much Wonder Woman in this pretty standard-issue car theft story that could easily have been the plotline for a Starsky and Hutch episode. It follows the “little bit o this and that” formula: cool Bond-like gadgets, screeching tires around warehouses, fistfights by men in three piece suits – even a thickheaded lackey who excitedly describes the repercussions of a bomb he implanted in the fed’s car (“boom!”). Trevor continues his new sidelined role as IADC contact, only getting his hands dirty at the end when he takes the thieves into custody.

Interesting to see Diana working with a new guy; their first scene together promises some fractious chemistry that the rest of the show doesn’t exactly deliver on.

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