Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wonder Woman 2.16: Death in Disguise

Airdate: 2/10/78

Someone has put a contract out on the “demolition” of a wealthy industrialist named Carlo, whose protection Diana has been assigned. The man is a real smoothie, but his advances are rebuffed as Diana/WW has her hands full tracking down the culprit, who has a paid cross-dressing assassin in his employ. The next target: poor IRAC (apparently the pile of microchips knows a bit too much about the billionaire mastermind), but WW stymies the plans of the man named Nightingale, out to get his former associate, Carlo, for gettin’ in too much on his game.

Boring and confusing in equal measure (and mostly confusing because it’sboring); it’s episodes like these that accounted for the show’s ratings nosedive toward the end of its second season. No reason to care here for the good guys, or hate the bad guys, and the titular “disguise” concept is only a sidestory, and weird at that (this guy is ugly both as a woman and a man). Only saving grace is Jennifer Darling, stealing all her scenes as Violet, Nightingale’s not-so-proficient (and not ashamed of it) secretary.

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