Monday, June 24, 2013

Cheers 4:16 “Cliffie’s Big Score”

Airdate: 1/30/86

Cliff is voted “Postman of the Year” (along with 267 others) and needs an escort to attend the ceremony. After Diane declines his invite (she has a cheese party to go to), he asks Carla, who accepts only after he promises to buy her a VCR. When Diane reconsiders after getting guilted by Sam, Cliff has to find a away of retracting his offer to Carla, which he only successfully accomplishes after more bribery – in the form of a big-screen TV this time. The double date goes well, until the ride home, when Carla, offended after learning she was sloppy seconds, tricks Cliff into making a pass at Diane. Needless to say, his overtures are not returned, and poor Cliffie is ejected from his car and left to hoof it home.

Funny episode deals with the classic “two date” formula – the twist is that we’re not talking Don Juan here, and that one of the dates hates him with a passion – cubed! Funny moments peppered throughout but the show is handily stolen by the character of Lucas (Carla’s date), a man so used to talking to himself he’s completely incomprehensible. Easily on my list of favorite supporting characters.

Diane's verrrry slow turn (see picture) when Cliff touches her arm is one of her very best reactions. 

Cold open: Sam calms down one of his girls on the phone, navigating a bumpy, linguistic road back from calling her the wrong name.

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