Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wonder Woman 2.18: Flight to Oblivion

Airdate: 3/3/78

An expert on mesmerism, Edmund Dante, has infiltrated a series of Air Force bases posing as the manager of a touring rock band. His goal: to divert a top secret military plane to the base at San Remo, where he can destroy it with a missile, and take in a nice reward from some Eastern European country for his misdeed. Diana is also undercover at the base, posing as a photographer, but her efforts to thwart Dante’s plans are obstructed by his usage of soldiers as sleeper agents, hypnotized to kill by his signal (the image of snow falling). Even Steve gets incapacitated by Dante’s spell, but he uses the bell sound of his own wristwatch to snap out of it!

Slow to start, this episode does get more involving as the plot kicks in. We, of course, have seen this premise already this season (“The Pied Piper” and “Mind Stealers”) but here it’s treated more in the vein of the classic film The Manchurian Candidate: the “reprogramming” good people to performs evil tasks.

Real rock group Nightwind is the fictitious Hull City Howlers (the touring band), and they’re pretty good! Don’t confuse them with Night Wing, though.

Good to see Steve get out of his own scrape for a change, in the best usage of a wristwatch gadget since Bond used his to get out of a spinning flight-simulator.

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