Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cheers 4:4 “The Groom Wore Clearasil”

Airdate: 10/24/85

Carla’s son, Anthony, wants to get married, but she vehemently objects that the 16-year-old is far too young, and hasn’t exactly played the field yet. Her efforts to enlarge the teenager’s realm of possibility by giving him a night out with lothario Sam backfires when Anthony perceives the smoothie as a “pathetic skirt-chaser,” strengthening his marital resolve even more. Carla cuts a deal: wait two weeks without any communication with his “true love” Annie and then she’ll sign the consent form. He almost makes it – at the eleventh hour, in pops Annie’s hot cousin, Gabby, and Anthony starts having second thoughts. A case of having too much of his father, Nick, in him.

Average episode, plot-wise, gives airtime to Carla’s heretofore unseen progeny. Best scene involves Sam calling up girls in his black book to show how great the single life is (almost like a more adult Fonzie). Short subplot offers Diane applying for a TA position at a university, but she’s scared a reference from old flame Sumner that she “goes above and beyond the cal of duty” implies sex, so she bombs the nterview by making an absolute fool of herself.

Look fast for a very young Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) as Gabby – so much so that she’s barely recognizable.

Cold open: Woody gets letters from his dog at home (translated by his dad).

Norm’s open: already at the bar.

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