Friday, June 28, 2013

Wonder Woman 3.11: Pot of Gold

Airdate: 12/22/78

A British financier named Thackeray plans to smuggle counterfeit plates into the U.S., to exchange for gold from a two-bit hood named Bonelli. The source of the gold? A eccentric, stubborn old man who bears more than a close resemblance, in appearance and behavior, to a leprechaun! When he is robbed of his glistening plot, he goes after (as leprechauns are wont to do), and with Wonder Woman’s help (of which he’s not entirely grateful) tracks down Bonelli. The exchange is all set to go down when Thackeray dishonors his end of the deal and attempts to fly back to Britain with the gold. WW stops him, of course.

Pretty dull outing with the standard sub-par WW cops and robbers byplay. Character actor Dick O’Neill is charmingly irascible in his role, although the airing of this episode would be better suited for St. Patrick’s Day.  But the best performance may very well be the bad guy’s dog, who’s holding the counterfeit plates in his vest and barks viciously in its defense!

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