Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cheers 4:2 “Woody Goes Belly Up”

Airdate: 10/3/85

The gang at Cheers is concerned that newbie Woody is painfully shy when approached by interested women; further detective work reveals that he still has a place in his heart for Beth, a gal he knew back home. Sam and Diane send for her, hoping his longings will satisfied, but their sweet reunion is all that and more – both former heavyweights in the very literal sense, they’re now back to their voracious ways, and Frasier diagnoses their problem: the chaste couple is using food as a substitute for sex. Diane invites them out for a very healthful, restrained repast at a nearby Italian restaurant, and in confidence Woody and Beth both reveal they’re actually interested in talking about – and potentially performing – sex!  Alone, Sam and Diane discuss the happiness of their platonic relationship, but perhaps the food they proceed to stuff their faces with suggests otherwise.

First episode with Woody as a key figure is an auspicious beginning for the neophyte tapster – he’s already established his character as a simpleton in much the same way as Coach, but with a lot more deference and “gee-whiz” naïveté. Beth is well played by Amanda Wyss – a familiar face to fans of 80s teen movies; she was also in one of the Nightmare on Elm Street entries. But please – give Kelsey Grammar an opening credit! (It’s not like he can carry his own sitcom or anything.)

Cold open: Norm forgot to get Vera an anniversary gift. He finally decides on a bar ashtray and a nice pack of cigarettes.

Norm’s opener: Sam: “What would you say to a beer, Norm?” “Hello, sailor. New in town?”

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