Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wonder Woman 2.11: Mind Stealers From Outer Space Part Two

Airdate: 12/9/77

Diana gets out of her sticky scrape with Sardor when Andros rescues her, but the Skrill escape and now they’ve got a list of all the best minds in the country – and they’re on the warpath. Andros’ appeal to the planetary council to extend his deadline is denied, so he and WW prepare the UN for the council’s solution: “decontamination,” which will rid the earth of Skrill but drive approximately 2 million humans to madness. When Andros’ mind is seized, WW has had enough – she finds the location of the Skrill hideout, busts some heads, destroys Sardor and gets Andros back. He sends the Skrill back to prison… and once again invites WW to live with him – in peace. Of course, she declines the offer.

Sufficient wrap-up isn’t quite as nail-biting as its predecessor, but still good,cheesy fun. Special effects certainly quite dated by today’s standards, but an earnestness and passion for the material truly carries it. Only main demerit: none-too-seamless inclusion of stock footage, especially the scene where the building is destroyed – obviously a filmed detonation. I’m sure his looked cheap even when it aired.

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