Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wonder Woman 2.13: Light Fingered Lady

Airdate: 1/6/78

Diana goes undercover as a ringer in a robber gang planning a huge 50-million dollar heist – her identity, at risk of being discovered numerous times, is protected by Steve the assistance of the local police. With Wonder Woman’s help, Diana proves her value to her cohorts by securing the detailed vault plans, and she plays along quite well on the day of the heist, sneaking in by hiding inside an Egyptian sarcophagus. Unfortunately, the jig’s up when she blows the whistle on them: justice and just desserts for a bunch that left her behind at the bank, proving that there is, in fact, no honor among thieves.

Suspenseful Mission Impossible-style drama has everything you’d expect from such a crime caper: a motley crew, seemingly impenetrable fortress, and even guard dogs able to be placated by WW’s special connection with animals. Scenes inside the vault tend to get a bit draggy, but refreshing to take a break from the camp and follow a more realistic adventure.

Sidelined Steve is definitely getting less screen time this season. Now he’s sort of Diana’s liaison to IADC – more of a behind the scenes man.

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