Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wonder Woman 2.8: I Do, I Do

Airdate: 11/11/77

Could it be – Diana Prince married? No, not really: her “marriage” to fellow agent Chris Harrison is just a ruse to get recognizance on a crime group operating at a spa. Their MO – to lure wives of influential men into massage parlors then apply a pressure point that hypnotizes them into revealing trade secrets – has been working so far on Dolly, wife of Sam Tucker. The group leader, David Allen, has no such luck with Diana, who manages, despite souped up golf-carts and runaway horses, to blow the whistle on David and negate his chances for any kind of “happy ending.” (Sorry!)

Clever twist opening doesn’t redeem this one, which has a rather hard-to-swallow premise, and doesn’t do such a hot job of explaining it either. I was never clear on exactly how Allen will use these secrets to commit grand larceny or whatever the hell his intended crime is, nor did I really care. Most likely he real motivation for doing this show was the luxurious locale they could set up cast and crew at, not to mention the eye candy of Lynda Carter in a swimsuit for the male viewers.

John Getz plays Chris Harrison here; I’ll always remember him as the heavy in The Fly (1986). Who can forget his had getting dissolved away by the fly’s corrosive sputum?

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coffeephlover said...

Diana gets gased in a sauna wearing bathing suit and tan pantyhose. I would of kissed her pantyhose feet while she's out cold

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