Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Waltons 8.20: “The Traveling Man”

Airdate: 2/14/80

A traveling salesman named Stanley Perkins comes into town, and it becomes clear that he and Rose have a fond history in common. Yearning for a life of settling down, and madly in love after seeing Rose again, he asks her to marry him. She accepts, but after finding out he had given up a sizable parcel of land out West for her, she feels she cannot bear the guilt and declines his offer. Disheartened, he agrees to go out and “establish himself” before coming back for her… someday.

And Jim Bob wants his own darn place – so he renovates the barn loft into his own private bedroom!

Classic character actor William Schallert, veteran of so many B-grade films of the 50s and 60s, is winning here as Rose’s love interest (what an acting feat that is!). This relationship, along with plot developments in the next few episodes, set things up for the final season, but mum’s the word for now!

And can we talk about THE classic teen-family show staple: “If I can’t move out, I’ll make my own room!” Yes, the best example is The Brady Bunch, with Greg moving into the attic, but on The Waltons, you get the hayloft. But what’ll he do in the winter?

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