Friday, May 17, 2013

Wonder Woman 2.4: The Bermuda Triangle Crisis

Airdate: 10/7/77

The United States’ proposed nuclear testing facility in the Caribbean is threatened not by its proximity to Bermuda Triangle but by a series of suspicious, potentially man-made attacks. Upon investigation, Steve and Diana find themselves on the island base of Manta, a madman bent on stirring up global conflicts and profiting from the ensuing war, famine and disease.  When the US Navy attempts a rescue operation, Manta sends a submarine to intercept hem, but Wonder Woman stymies his plans. The destruction of his island base has also rendered the area unusable for U.S. nukes; good news for Diana, whose home of Paradise Island would have been threatened by such nearby weapons of mass destruction.

Two highlights here: one is the villain, Mantra, who comes directly from a James Bond movie, what with his diabolical (and oft explained) scheme and heavily lackey-populated, bells and 70s-tech whistles-adorned remote island base. (The use of nukes and subs also reminded me a bit of The Spy Who Loved Me, which had just come out the previous summer. Hmmmm.)

The other high point is WW’s underwater outfit – a slick, albeit highly practical, number that requires a second spin to change into. Don’t worry – it’s still got the none-too-subtle red, white, and blue, and allows for some excellent underwater shots of WW carrying a mine to destroy the Stingray submarine. Esther Williams, eat your heart out!

Opening now pretty much begins with Steve, Diana and Joe getting briefed by I.A.D.C., a la Bosley and the girls in Charlie’s Angels. 


Joe said...

This episode has a scene with WW in a tree. The camera has a ground POV, looking up into her perfectly tight suite... I only wish I had a still of those few seconds- I could spend an eternity there!

Chris Collins said...

Yes, there were quite a few scenes like that on the show. Amazing what you can get away with in a superhero show whose audience is supposedly kids!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the camel toe on her?

coffeephlover said...

Diana has to cut her yellow pants into shorts.She looks hot in brown pantyhose legs & daisy duke shorts with strappy wedges

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