Friday, May 17, 2013

Wonder Woman 2.4: The Bermuda Triangle Crisis

Airdate: 10/7/77

The United States’ proposed nuclear testing facility in the Caribbean is threatened not by its proximity to Bermuda Triangle but by a series of suspicious, potentially man-made attacks. Upon investigation, Steve and Diana find themselves on the island base of Manta, a madman bent on stirring up global conflicts and profiting from the ensuing war, famine and disease.  When the US Navy attempts a rescue operation, Manta sends a submarine to intercept hem, but Wonder Woman stymies his plans. The destruction of his island base has also rendered the area unusable for U.S. nukes; good news for Diana, whose home of Paradise Island would have been threatened by such nearby weapons of mass destruction.

Two highlights here: one is the villain, Mantra, who comes directly from a James Bond movie, what with his diabolical (and oft explained) scheme and heavily lackey-populated, bells and 70s-tech whistles-adorned remote island base. (The use of nukes and subs also reminded me a bit of The Spy Who Loved Me, which had just come out the previous summer. Hmmmm.)

The other high point is WW’s underwater outfit – a slick, albeit highly practical, number that requires a second spin to change into. Don’t worry – it’s still got the none-too-subtle red, white, and blue, and allows for some excellent underwater shots of WW carrying a mine to destroy the Stingray submarine. Esther Williams, eat your heart out!

Opening now pretty much begins with Steve, Diana and Joe getting briefed by I.A.D.C., a la Bosley and the girls in Charlie’s Angels. 


Joe said...

This episode has a scene with WW in a tree. The camera has a ground POV, looking up into her perfectly tight suite... I only wish I had a still of those few seconds- I could spend an eternity there!

Chris Collins said...

Yes, there were quite a few scenes like that on the show. Amazing what you can get away with in a superhero show whose audience is supposedly kids!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the camel toe on her?

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