Monday, May 20, 2013

Waltons 8.17: “The Remembrance”

Airdate: 1/24/80

Zeb’s cousin Zadok arrives in town, and the family loves hearing his homespun tales and folksy way of speaking; however, it becomes apparent that he may be going senile. Realizing his days are numbered, he had bequeathed an endowment to the Boatwright University agricultural department: his parcel of farmland – containing his extraordinary knowhow on raising apples and other produce, much to the shock of Corabeth, who assumed him to be a bumpkin hillbilly! At the family picnic, he reveals another bequest: his fiddle, which had been a part of Walton history for 100 years.

Jason is head over heels in love with a WAC corporal, who comes off as surly at first but warms up to he young Walton after discovering his musical ability, a talent she also shares. By episode’s end she has improved his competition, and appears to be returning his affections.

Another solid, well-wriiten episode featuring two memorable characters: Cousin Zadock, and Jason’s new love interest, Toni, played by Lisa Harrison, who would later become Mrs. Jon Walmsley!  Their “meet-cute” and subsequent courtship is a wee bit contrived, but it’s clear the two will have chemistry together.

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