Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cheers 3.14: “The Heart is a Lonely Snipe Hunter"

Airdate: 1/10/85

Male bonding, anyone? Time for the boys’ fishing trip, and Diane guilts Sam into inviting glum Frasier, who could use a boost to his spirits. The men get back early, a little too giddy; when Diane inquires why, Sam explains they played a joke on her boyfriend, telling him they’re all “snipe-hunting,” throwing a bag around him and leaving him alone in the woods to practice this completely imaginary sport. Diane is aghast at Sam’s lack of humanity and insists he retrieve the poor butt of his sadistic joke, but Frasier returns believing the activity to be completely real.. and rather enjoyable at that. So much so that he wants to go back and get a real snipe. When Diane tries to clue him in, he admits knowing of the ruse, but intends to get back by leading the men on and then hightailing it back home, leaving them all high and dry.

Lightweight but enjoyable tale of comeuppance further probes the persona that is Frasier Crane, and by know we all know him well enough not to be too surprised by his cognizance of the practical joke all play upon him. Diane even reveals the nebbish psychologist’s troubled childhood, and his emotional damage from getting picked last when choosing sides for basketball. Well, haven’t we all been there? (Well, except Sam, who guesses he was just lucky.)

Cold open: An addictive melody gets passed from one person to another, even when one of them goes outside!

Norm’s opener: Coach” “What’s goin’ on, Norm?” Norm: “Terrorists.”

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