Friday, May 3, 2013

Waltons 7.22: “Founders’ Day”

Airdate: 3/22/79

Jason is set to graduate from the Kleinberg Conservatory, but he needs to write a composition that his stuffy teacher, Professor Bowen, will like. After hours of frustration, he vows it would be better to be original than obsequious; his “Appalachian Portrait” is a work of flowing beauty and majesty, but will it get a A? Only until he performs it at the first annual Founders’ Day celebration on Waltons Mountain, and Bowen makes a last-minute appearance, does he find out that his master is pleased.

Subplot involves the aforementioned Founders Day: originally intended as a way of celebrating everyone’s pioneer forbears, it quickly devolves into a snippy contest of “who got here first” bragging rights. Only John stands up as the voice of reason and reprimands everyone for being so catty.

A fine way to close the 7th season. Jason’s graduation means he will enlist in the army (at least that’s what he promised earlier in the season). And a special extended version of Earl Hamner’s traditional closing narration celebrates the history and legacy of the close circle of family and friends on Waltons Mountain – it could possibly be the best one to date.

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