Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Wonder Woman 1.11: Formula 407

Airdate: 1/22/77

A new invention, a formula that makes tire rubber strong enough to withstand anything, is set for pickup by Steve from an Argentinean scientist, Professor Moreno. “Formula 407,” as it’s called, is also a lucrative prize for the Nazis, who of course also show up to try to claim it, and they kidnap Moreno’s daughter as ransom. Steve and WW try to convince the scientist not to relinquish the prized formula until they can ascertain his daughter’s whereabouts, and of course it’s a series of tied-up wrists, gunpoint threats and WW acrobatics before the bad guys are nabbed, the formula is retrieved and Steve still doesn’t see something fishy about Diana’s convenient absence whenever WW is around.

OK episode which gets more mileage out of its scenic South American localeand Latino beauties than it does WW’s hijinks. Of course, Moreno’s accent (and many others, for that matter) hardly sounds Spanish, and Diana’s reason for tagging along – to be a Spanish interpreter – is never utilized (a pity, since Lynda Carter is fluent in Spanish: perhaps the initial reason why this is set in Argentina). But he sure does look an awful lot like Roy Clark!

I’ll assume the name of the titular formula is a bit of a pun, as it’s only two away from a common household cleaner. Perhaps it’s what they put on the rag they use to subdue WW, who again demonstrates her weakness: passing out from chemical inhalation!

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