Thursday, May 2, 2013

Waltons 7.21: “The Torch”

Airdate: 3/8/79

The new owner of the Dew Drop Inn, Callie May, happens to be John’s old fame, and with Olivia away and John getting lonesome, the Walton kids are concerned that their reunion will escalate into something further. Callie does seem to have an active interest in reigniting some sparks, but when Ike and Corabeth intercede, she feels resentful and ashamed and wants to leave town. John persuades her that there is a happy medium, and he invites her on a trip to Rockfish, “chaperoned” by his children.

Say it isn’t so! John: tempted? Well, we’ve been down his road before, in the “John’s Crossroads” episode, and the result is of course the same: despite have some natural feelings and longings, he resists the forbidden fruit, bringing him closer than ever to the ones who matter, both present and in absentia. Guest actress Dorothy Tristan is remarkably appealing as spitfire Callie – a car race between her and John is definitely a show highlight.

Subplot: Noticing bored soldiers on leave from Camp Rockfish, the Walton girls open up a canteen – a fizzle at first, until Callie suggest changes to make it more homey.

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