Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Wonder Woman 2.7: The Queen and the Thief

Airdate: 10/28/77

Evan Robley, international jewel thief, is staying at he same consulate as the queen of Malakar, Kathryn (Juliet Mills), and so IADC sends Steve and Diana undercover to find out his motives. When the queen’s jewels are stolen, all fingers point to Robley, who is also incognito, as a federal agent, but Wonder Woman’s truth lasso reveals his innocence. The three work together to catch the real thief, a sinister “ambassador” lured into confession by Robley himself.

Thickly-plotted and talky but solid episode is about as serious s last week’s show was tongue-in-cheek. A classic whodunit with a star-spangled twist, this one really does put the viewer to work, but its payoffs are worth the effort. Suave Robley is played with Ricardo Montalban-esque charm by character actor David Hedison, and the ever-elegant Juliet Mills fills her role, and her dress, quite nicely. Above-average.

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