Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Waltons 8.12: “The Wager”

Airdate: 12/13/79

Another race to the finish! (Remember “The Great Motorcycle Race” anyone?) This time it’s a war bond-sponsored horse and foot race that already has three male contestants, and to prove they’re just as capable, Erin and Mary Ellen join the competition. Under the strict coaching of Elizabeth, they train (and eat) like boxers. Ultimately, they don’t win but do beat two thugs they had bet against. Their rewards: a week’s pay and a horse – plus extensive bragging rights for Walton girl-power!

Fun, rousing race is always god fodder for the weekly Walton machine – and timely now that the show is sauntering a bit and showing its age. Subplot involving Jeffrey being starstruck over a movie star (who ultimately meets him) is featherweight, but also doesn’t take up much time either.

Nice score enhancing the race itself, but at about 17 minutes, it gets a bit tedious. After all, how much jogging and galloping can you stand to watch?

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