Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Wonder Woman 2.2: Anchluss ‘77

Airdate: 9/23/77

Suspicions run high when Steve and Diana are briefed on secret Nazi activity in Cordova, South America. Arriving at the small country, they look for clues to find out what “Anchluss ’77,” is all about. What they discover is that a Nazi known as Gerlich, who’d only had one leg before, now stands healthily on two, and that the science behind it, cellular regeneration also known as cloning, is now being used to bring Hitler back to life! Steve goes undercover to dismantle the Nazi base, alert authorities and, with the help of Wonder Woman, reverse Hitler’s cloning, sending him back to the netherworld from whence he came.

WW producers must have gotten withdrawal from doing an entire episode without Nazis, so they’re back on familiar ground now. (I actually was missing
all those American actors attempting lame German accents.) Interesting plotline reminds me of the classic cheesefest They Saved Hitler’s Brain, but I gotta tell you – it does feel a bit exploitative, probably because we’ve now become so sensitive to Hitler’s atrocities, and rightfully so. Another touchtone of the changing times – another reason why you must watch old TV shows and movies – think of it as Mores in Modern American Culture 101.

Steve and Diana, traipsing all over as he and she detectives, reminds me a bit like Macmillan and Wife, except with Wife changing into a flashy swimsuit to rescue MacMillian every 10 minutes.

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coffeephlover said...

Like how Diana gets tied up. Especially her brown pantyhose ankles with white rope. She slips her shoe's off to escape

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