Monday, May 27, 2013

Cheers 3.22: “Cheerio, Cheers”

Airdate: 4/11/85

Frasier has been named Visiting Scholar at the U. of Bologna in Italy and wants Diane to come with. Initially reluctant to accept because of lingering, ambivalent feelings for Sam, she ultimately agrees, but her tearful goodbye to her former lover turns into passionate kissing. Before things get too hot and heavy, however, she reconsiders and rethinks – what is this, the beginning of something or a one-night affair? As Diane leaves Sam, potentially for good, she tells her that if she wants a solid future, go with Frasier; if she wants “a day at a time,” call.

Diane bids bon voyage to Cheers… for good? Episode ends with her phone call to the bar from Europe, and despite some traces of passion between her and Sam, her absence looks to be a multi-episode affair (pun intended). Sam Simon wrote this one a la Charles brothers, and the climactic kiss certainly adds a new wrinkle to the relationship from hell that just won’t stay there. Highlight: faithless Carla drops to her knees and belts “I Believe” upon hearing the news of Diane’s departure.

Coach is back after a several-episode absence. More on this in the season wrap-up.

Cold open: Down in the mouth Carla is advised to cheer up by Cliff, who reminds her of Job. Coach tells her she should be happy to have a Job, then informs Cliff that it’s pronounced “job.”

Norm’s opener: Norm’s already at the bar.

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