Thursday, May 9, 2013

Waltons 8.6: “The Starlet”

Airdate: 10/18/79

More focus on Pickett’s plant; this time a Hollywood crew wants to film a documentary about women in the workforce for the war effort. The director, a slimy smooth-talker, connives to sweet-talk Erin so she stays out of her way, even promising her movie stardom if comes out to tinseltown. Excited, she even convinces Mary Ellen to tag along. Soon, however, both realize what they would be giving up on the mountain, and when Erin discovers the director’s true intentions, she abandons all her plans… and dreams.

Subplot: The Baldwin Sisters’ plans to serve the war effort by hosting a fancy dinner for servicemen crashes and burns, until Sergeant Jason orders a few to go.

Since Erin’s presence was marginalized of late, she gets center stage here, and the show dually deals with crushed dreams and the historical context of the women’s war effort. Sweet Billy (from “The Diploma”) even has a return engagement, showing how liked and needed Mary Ellen has become with the hillbillies.

No appearance of Rose, Jeffrey or Selena.

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