Monday, May 6, 2013

Wonder Woman 1.10: Judgment from Outer Space, Part 2

Airdate: 1/17/77

Andros is taken back to Berlin by the Nazis, further validating the aliens’ claim that humans are barbaric and must soon be destroyed. His identity is met with incredulity by his steely captors, who mainly want his knowledge of atomic energy, pulling out all the stops (including enlisting the persuasive services of a sexy seductress) in order to get it. When WW attempts a rescue, she become annoyed when Andros wishes to stay; he claims that he must observe all sides of humanity, and that the Nazi “evil” can be found in American war tactics as well. Steve, as an incognito Nazi, tries to save Andros as well, and Andros’ supervisors see the good in certain humans enough to restore  his powers, enabling them to escape and return to the states. Andros informs WW that he swayed the council vote and saved earth from destruction, but that he’ll be back in 50 years (1992!!) for another judgment. He invites WW to come with him to his idyllic home planet; she refuses, ruefully explaining that she’s needed here, to fight evil and do a little humanity-saving herself.

Conclusion of this ambitious installment is more action-filled but just as message-laden as part one. No big surprise at the end (we’re obviously all still here), but there are just enough somber notes to keep this from being too “pie-in-the-sky.” (This is, after all, was the 70s, and America was still recovering from is post Vietnam/Watergate ennui). Great effects, sci-fi set design and eerie score round out this, the best episode of Wonder Woman thus far.

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