Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cheers 3.24: “The Belles of St. Clete’s”

Airdate: 5/2/85

Carla immediately recognizes an elderly woman at Cheers: Miss Dimeglio, her principal at St. Clete’s boarding school. Thoughts of revenge start to form in Carla’s mind, and she summons all her former schoolmates to plot the long-awaited attack. Trouble is, none of them think it’s her, and even if it were, none are as bloodthirsty in their desire for comeuppance. After hours, the woman returns to the bar where Carla proves it is indeed the dreaded Dimeglio, but when Sam drops by later on he sees the two playing pool; apparently Carla has decided to let bygones be bygones, but only after she had shaved off half the schoolmaster’s locks. Subplot: Cliff boasts about a torrid affair he had in Florida – the letters in question turn out to be request for stolen hotel items, but Norm has his back when he reads the letter aloud, pretending it is from a fiery female.

Second relatively Diane-less episode focuses this time on Carla and her schemes for revenge. Her actions are funny yet true to character, especially regarding the revenge she plots and hilarious execution of it. Best scene involves her now-grown cronies, one of who is played by Night Court’s Marsha Warfield.

Cold open and Norm’s opener (in the morning): Sam: “What brings you in this time of day?” Norm: “Same thing that always does.” Sam: “Little early for a beer.” Norm: “So put a corn flake in it.”

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