Saturday, August 24, 2013

Cheers 7.9: “Send in the Crane”

Airdate: 1/5/89

Rebecca needs a clown for a company children’s party she’s hosting, and thinks struggling actor Woody would be perfect. But when the Woodman bows out after getting a call to fill in at his theater company, all eyes are on Frasier, the one who suggested Woody in the first place. After a rocky start, Frasier warms up the crowd quickly, but Woody forgets to give him his clowny boxer shorts: a necessary article of clothing when the handkerchief is pulled… and the pants fall! (Frasier currently has on a pair of French underwear, which more closely resemble an eye patch.) Fortunately, that hanky stays unyanked, until the very end when al the kiddies have gone home.

In other news, Judy, one of Sam’s old flames, is back in town, and she’s got her daughter, a girl who used to be a like a daughter to him but now is all grown up and looks it. Ol’ Sammy seems to be on the brink of having one of his fantasies fulfilled, but his double-header dreams are dashed when the daughter has an important question for him: will he give away her hand in marriage – to a swell feller she met at school?

Both stories good here, with one being broader than the other (guess which). Actually, the big payoff never really happens, and that’s probably a good thing too, as a clown in adult underwear is about as inappropriate as… well, you imagine something. Sam’s story is really just a triangle the writers would’ve gotten around to eventually, but boy, did they ever hire a hottie to play the daughter!

Cold open: Woody’s word-association response (“thermostat” to “bottom”) baffles everyone, including Frasier, struggling desperately to find a connection. Rebecca ends all confusion when she bends over to adjust the thermostat.

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