Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cheers 7.17: “Hot Rocks”

Airdate: 3/16/89

Sam and Rebecca get stood up by their respective dates for a ceremonial event on the U.S. Constitution warship. After getting rejected by Rebecca, Sam attends stag but meets and brings back to the bar the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr. (playing himself).  Especially in awe is Cliff, whose unfettered patriotism is a far cry from Frasier’s condescending disbelief of the Chairman’s identity. Rebecca’s impressed as well, until her $35,0000 earrings have gone missing, and she learns the only one in her office at the time was Crowe. Fingers get pointed, Cliff threatens charges of treason, and Sam suggests they recreate the incident to solve the whodunit. In the end, it’s all as simple as a mistakenly switched water glass, and when Sam retrieves the earrings, he makes Rebecca pay up on her promise to do anything for the successful sleuth  - and guess what that is! Again, Sam’s turned off by her heart not being into it, so they each open up honestly to each other on their true motivations, all ending in a kiss, and resulting in Sam’s being moved from Rebecca’s “no” category to “maybe.”

Well-written storyline includes a guest appearance, a crime mystery, relationship drama – and even some science experiments, in the form of how to make blue sparks appear in your mouth after chomping down on a peppermint life saver. Cameo by the CJCS is a bit odd (maybe he really likes the show), but the writers craft a pretty decent story around it.

Cold open: Woody is annoyed by Norm’s knuckle-cracking. Frasier explains it scientifically (after Cliff’s BS answer), and Woody wants to learn how Carla wristles with her fingers. First she has to crack her knuckles.

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