Monday, August 26, 2013

Cheers 7.14: “I Kid You Not”

Airdate: 2/16/89

Carla’s son Ludlow (the one she had with the esteemed psychologist a few years back) recognizes the opera about to be attended by Frasier and Lilith, and the couple is instantly beguiled by the boy. The threesome begin spending very waking moment together, much to the dismay of Carla, who’s starting to feel too uncultured to really connect with Ludlow. All that changes at a posh French restaurant, where Frasier’s epicurean “tutelage” forgets that Ludlow is still just a prankish tot – something Carla knows all too well. Her parental confidence restored, she leaves the psychiatrist couple alone to talk… about their new baby!

The Cranes take center stage here – and this show sort of acts as a precursor to their upcoming parenthood. The kid who plays Ludlow is pretty cute, even if he’s not thoroughly convincing as a wise-for-his-years intellectual. Subplot continues Woody’s courtship with Kelly; he wants to borrow Sam’s car – a feat easier said than down given how overprotective he is with his autos (renowned for their aphrodisiac qualities).

Cold open: Woody wants to borrow Sam’s car. Sam can’t stop laughing at the request.

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