Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cheers 7.15: “Don’t Paint Your Chickens”

Airdate: 2/23/89

Norm’s painting jobs are beginning to dry up (pun intended), so go-getter Rebecca believes she can put her marketing degree to good use by managing and advertising his business, complete with a jazzy new logo and separate phone line at the bar. They get one job – far less than expected – but that’s enough for Rebecca to feel confident enough to tell the company CEO just what she thinks of him passing her over for an executive marketing position, jeopardizing her Cheers job. When the sole painting job cancels, Norm races to corporate to deliver the bad news to Rebecca via (since security had kicked him out) a window-washers scaffold. She gives the old man what for anyway; he admires her nerve and promotes her…. just before getting busted by the FBI for insider trading.

Norm seems to be back to painting (after a brief stint at interior decorating), as indicated by his episode which also highlights Rebecca’s perennial drive to work with the big boys in the head offices. Gotta laugh at the designer phone she chooses for “AAAA,” their paint company, which is an unfortunate letter off from being an auto service. Subplot is about Sam chasing the fountain of youth again, this time in the form of nubile young lady 15 years his junior. She’s super-athletic, and his labor in keeping up with her causes his much exhaustion. He finally fesses up – she’s not active enough for him, and she relievedly confesses she’d rather stay home in bed all day and take bubble baths. “Ironic, isn’t it?” as Frasier notes.

Cold open: Frasier wants to hear a layman’s opinion of his dissertation on Ingmar Bergman. It turns into an Abbott and Costello comedy routine with the boys at the bar, and it sends Frasier out in a frenzy.

Norm’s opener: Woody: “Beer, Norm?” Norm: “Have I gotten that predictable? Good.”

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