Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cheers 6.9: “Pudd’n head Boyd”

Airdate: 11/26/87

Woody’s auditioning for a new play, “Authors In Hell,” but doesn’t get the role he wanted. The director, however, lets him understudy for the part of Mark Twain, so Woody shows up for work, dressed head to toe in the great satirist’s regalia, just in case he’s called to the stage. In walks Mary, an elderly window, and she’s smitten with this “older man.” The two start dating, but Woody’s just too nice a guy to reveal the truth. Only after Sam’s urging to nip it in the bud does Woody attempt a heart-to-heart discussion, but Mary had known all along of her paramour’s age – she was just having too good a time. She tells Woody she’d love to see him once again, but to leave the wig at home.

Charming episode begins with a gimmick but ends surprisingly poignantly. Woody does a killer Twain, and the relationship between him and the older woman is atypically subtle but dramatically effective. It reminded me of the “Old Fears” episode of Mork and Mindy, and the plot thread in Tootsie where Michael s leading Les, Julie’s dad, on because he doesn’t know he’s a man, and a much younger one at that. Subplot involving Frasier and Lilith going on a much-needed cruise vacation is simply filler.

Cold open: Rebecca suspects Sam’s reason for being late, involving getting lost and being tied up in a dog circus, is a real whopper of a lie, until a circus performer and her dogs walk in, validating his excuse.

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