Monday, August 19, 2013

Cheers 6.25: “Backseat Becky, Up Front”

Airdate: 5/5/88

Evan Drake is going to oversee his business interest overseas – in Tokyo, indefinitely. Rebecca is devastated. Mourning, mooning and moping, she loses all lust for life – while Sam tries to lift her spirits. His idea: throw him a goodbye party, which will give her the opportunity to aver her undying love for him. Unfortunately one thing sidetracks their conversation after another, and it looks like she’s lost him. One last ditch effort is worth considering – detain his chauffeur, and drive her to the airport for a moment alone with him. But he has to pick someone up first, the girl he will be in Tokyo with, and she goes beserk. Sam bails her out of jail – she had smashed the limo into a 7-11, with no license. Now she’s a blubbering mess, and wants a”best friend” – Sam – to console her, but he’s not sure his hormones can play along. She summons him from the payphone downstairs to come up – and perhaps they can be platonic, for one night.

Not quite the cliffhanger of earlier seasons, but an interesting stopping place after a season in which two characters who started as strangers now clearly understand each other, for better or worse. It appears that this is the end of the Rebecca/Drake saga too, so we’ll see what that will be replaced with next season. All in all, not a bad season, on to numero siete!!!

Cold open: Cliff knows a little too much about ways Evan Drake probably manages to look younger than he actually is.

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