Monday, August 26, 2013

Cheers 7.13: “Golden Boyd”

Airdate: 2/9/89

At a party hosted by Rebecca for a VP’s spoiled daughter, bartender Woody adds a few comments to an overheard conversation – and incites the ire of one of the WASPY guests, who challenges his irritant to a fistfight. Poor Woody gets clocked after one punch, but his aggressor’s girlfriend, Kelly (who also happens to be the VP’s daughter), also finds Woody kind of cute - so he asks her out, first to get “revenge,” but later because he enjoys her company. The blue-blooded boor wants Kelly back, but she’s not so sure – and decides to continue dating the Woodman, with whom she has far more fun.

Classic theme of money as oppressor and love as liberator serves up a hefty-helping of Woody-based comedy. Gou who plays the rich jerk is easily hateable, and his girlfriend just as easily loveable. Money seems to be he main loam of joke material here; more than one punchline caps off a joke with a character expressing sentiment or integrity, then negating it by the prospect of fast cash. Classic bit, but overused here.

Cold open: Cheap Cliff needs a present for his mother, who’s turning 70. Carla shows off a gift her son had given her – an arts and crafts project she cherishes for its sentimental value – and readily sells to Cliff for three dollars.

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