Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cheers 6.5: “The Crane Mutiny”

Airdate: 10/29/87

After a small squabble, Lilith delivers an ultimatum to live-in boyfriend Frasier: marry me or take a hike. Wondering if there are wild oats left to sow, the boys at the bar prankishly tell him Rebecca is warm for his form – and so the nebbish psychiatrist is encouraged enough to leave a break-up note for Lilith. After he discovers Rebecca doesn’t even know who he is, he races home to intercept the note, but it’s too late. When Lilith goes to Cheers, she discovers no affair ever existed, but she still has Frasier go through with the “breakup.” After he realizes the jig is up, he admits he was nervous to commit, an issue that he promptly solves with a proposal of marriage – sometime…. soon.

Second marriage proposal in a row has wedding bells all over this season, and it couldn’t happen to a cuter couple. But the funniest stuff here involves Frasier’s mistaken belief that Rebecca wants him – and the ruse Cliff devises to make it look like she’s licking her lips lustiliy at him is priceless. Subplot material involves Sam and the others staging tacit acts of rebellion against Rebecca, and his coaxing of her to loosen up a bit (and maybe go to bed with him). I mentioned a few posts ago that she shows signs of being less of a heavy; perhaps that observation was a bit premature.

Cold open: Woody can’t quite see the pretty obvious signs that an apartment he wants is located in Chinatown.

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