Friday, August 30, 2013

Cheers 7.21: “Sisterly Love”

Airdate: 4/27/89

Susan Howe, Rebecca’s sister, is in town, ready and willing to make peace with her estranged sibling. Sam sees himself as the peace maker, and is all too aware of the emotional vulnerability he can exploit in the process. Learning that the cause of their enmity was that Susan always stole his sister’s beaus, he passes himself off as Rebecca’s love, hoping history will repeat itself. It does, but eager for more, he thinks he can “ping-pong” back to Rebecca, who’s sure to seek revenge. Planning two dates with each sister for one night, he runs into trouble when Susan arrives early, full of lust and ready for action, followed shortly by Rebecca, who murders Susan in cold blood. Sam is mortified – and hurt – when he finds out he’s the victim of a practical joke, in which everyone has participated. But the silver lining: the sisters’ mutual thirst to see Sam hoist on his own petard has brought them together.

Clever variation on the classic Cheers trope of who’s zooming who is noteworthy mainly for the appearance of a pre-Melrose and Desperate Housewives Marcia Cross. She works quite well as a scream-queen actress ready for some familial reconciliation, and she bears more than a faint resemblance to Kirstie Allie – kudos to the casting. Subplot involves Frasier none-too-eager anticipation of seeing his mother-in-law again – he gets busted by his wife when the bar cronies recite all the jokes he had made at her expense.

Second episode to feature Rebecca aiming a handgun. Should we be worried?

BTW: I could be wrong, but I believe this to be the first episode to feature the interior of the upstairs restaurant Melville’s. Anyone want to check on that for me?

Cold open: Rebecca wants to institute a new designated driver policy. She may have second thoughts after her first job: driving a drunk to Philadelphia.

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