Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cheers 6.23: “Bar Wars”

Airdate: 3/31/88

The Cheers gang celebrates two years since beating Gary’s Old Towne Tavern at bowling, but the rivalry between the two pubs is just about to get started. Gary steals the bowling trophy and breaks it, Sam and Carla get back at him with champagne served in dribble glasses, Gary sends two rat exterminators over, clearing the place out, and then later places sheep in Rebecca’s office. The back-and-forth continues until Cheers gets their comeuppance: interrupting a big game at Gary’s with a cultural appreciation of female authors, hosted by Cliff and Norm. Gary admits he’s been gotten good, so he has Wade Bogs, famous Red Sox third-baseman, come over to sign autographs. Of course, the Cheers gang doesn’t believe it’s him, so they chase him out and steal his pants. His wallet proves it is him, and, as Frasier notes, Gary has achieved the perfect prank – getting them to get themselves.

The juvenilia continues, although in this case it’s pretty funny, even if it does borrow from the classic “Joker Is Wild” episode of M*A*S*H. This appears to be the first “Bar Wars” in a series that continues until the series finale, so we can look forward to more volleys and return-volleys, college frat style. Not much more to say here, except that the show’s class does appears to have gone the way of Shelley Long.

Cold open: Cliff question’s Carla’s husbands fidelity just before he goes off on an extended ice show tour. Carla assures him he’s wrong; in face, the movie she and Eddie will see is Fatal Attraction.

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