Friday, August 9, 2013

Cheers 6.7: “The Last Angry Mailman”

Airdate: 11/12/87

Two stores. First, Frasier learns from one of his patients that Rebecca was a real party girl in college, and that her nickname was “Backseat Becky.” Of course, Sam can’t let this one go, and when he mentions it, she sheepishly comes up with one fake (and innocent) reason after another. Finally, she gives Sam a real whopper of a lie, but one so steamy he doesn’t care – all for just $10.00 from the queen of fish tales, Carla. Second, Cliff and his mom’s house is the target for a huge developer, willing to offer $250,000 for he abode. Initially reluctant at first, mom changes her tune after hearing the asking price, but Cliff still steadfastly clings to those old memories. She and Norm must talk some sense into committed carrier, who’s now handcuffed to a column inside the house. Norm chainsaws it apart, and they leave with the intention of finding a lawyer to break the deal, but once the entire place collapses after loss of its structural integrity, Cliff cackles, “Hard to believe they want $250,000 for this dump!”

Solid, dual-parted episode reveals Rebecca’s wild history, and highlights Francis Sternhagen once again as Esther, Cliff’s mom (she was currently doing Driving Miss Daisy off Broadway). Good ol’ TV trope, chaining oneself to something to keep builders away, is in action here, and there’s quite a surprising scene of mass destruction when the house collapses after the three leave the scene (atypical for the general talky series).

Cold open: Norm perfoms a pendulum trick to predict the sex of Carla’s twins; Woody has a related story, and, as usual, it makes no sequential sense.

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