Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cheers 8.2: “The Improbable Dream, Part 2”

Airdate: 9/28/89

Robin and Rebecca jet off to Beverly Hills for some business, and he showers her with riches… and an new West Coast makeover. Cool Sammy seems nonplussed by it all, but a recurring dream, in which a dissatisfied-with-her-relationship Rebecca unmasks herself to reveal Al, leaves him sweating cold. The dream interpreters at the bar, professional and otherwise, seem to believe Sam himself has strong feelings for his would-be love, so he’s ready to march in to her office and declare that he cares, only Robin beats him to it. Sam’s only solace is learning that Robin and Rebecca did not sleep together – a tidbit of info he uses to confirm his suspicions that she cares for him too.

Wrap-up starts off Rebecca’s tryst with Robin, while tightening the screws on her sexual tension with Sam. So we’re back in Eva Drake territory, only this time, her beloved reciprocates her feelings – or at least it appears so. We’ll see, as we always do, where it goes.

Cold open: Everyone touches Lilith’s pregnant belly to feel her baby, but Frasier’s stomach grumbling proves to be a lot more interesting.

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