Monday, August 12, 2013

Cheers 6.11: “My Fair Clavin”

Airdate: 12/10/87

Cliff has some new digs – in the form of a new, if a bit small, condo on the swinging singles side of town. And that’s not all: he’s also got a girl! She’s a attractive but plain looking yarn store employee, but her appeals to go out and socialize are met with his reluctance, and desire to stay at home at watch Jeopardy. Only after he does a complete makeover on her does he reconsider, but when he takes her to the bar, every Tom, Dick and Harry – and Sam – tries to hit on her. The frustrated mailman realizes what he’s created, and tells her he liked their couplehood from earlier, Alex Trebeck-watching times, but she won’t change. Cliff’ll just have to get used to dating a complete fox. Damn!

Subplot: Rebecca’s tying to quit smoking, and heeds Frasier’s advice – to make herself do the most vile, disgusting thing she can think of if he smokes again – and that would be going to bed with Sammy. She does fall off the wagon, but, ironically, Sam won’t agree to the terms because she’s not into it.

Sweet Cliff-centered episode is reminiscent of the classic Halloween party show in which he gets a shot at love, although this does appear to have more success in the cards. Karen Akers as Sally, the love interest, is very appealing, both pre-makeover and post. Subplot funny as well, with Sam actually turning Rebecca down!

Cold open: Teenage twins try to get served at the bar, with Woody asking for ID’s from both; later Carla asks if it’s true about inter-twin ESP – when she questions their silence, they tell her they’re discussing it.

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