Monday, August 5, 2013

Cheers 6.3: “Little Carla, Happy at Last. Part 1”

Airdate: 10/15/87

The prodigal goalie hath returneth: Eddie LeBee, the father of Carla’s unborn child, greets her at Cheers with a proposal – make that the proposal, and she immediately says yes. Everyone at the bar, including Rebecca, is busy making wedding plans, but it’s not so easy for the bride and groom, who are about as superstitious as a couple can be. When the two see each other before the wedding, Eddie intentionally starts doing everything he can to invite bad luck on purpose, hoping to rid himself once and for all of superstition, but Carla fears the worst. Perhaps she’s right: first her son and girlfriend need to a place to live, then he rejects his new stepfather outright. But the worst kick in the pants of all is next – Eddie’s mom – who takes one look at Carla and curses her out, in French. Eddie runs after her, then returns, to announce that the wedding’s off.

The Carla/Eddie story thread takes center stage here, potentially concluding the saga which began last season. No huge laughs here, but Eddie’s mom provides some merriment when she mistakes Rebecca for Carla, even after she is corrected. Reminds me of the Taxi episode about Simka and Latka’s marriage.

BTW: Anyone notice that Cheers is now down a waitress, as no one has replaced Diane? Maybe the sit-down crowd is smaller these days.

Cold open: Sam uses Rebecca’s office for his female correspondence – when she hangs up on one of them, Sam chides her for costing him a “roll in the hay.” “I’ll owe you one,” she responds. “You’re on!” he promises.

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