Monday, August 19, 2013

Cheers 6.24: “The Big Kiss-Off”

Airdate: 4/28/88

Rebecca calls Woody cute, and that’s all it takes for him to develop a crush on his boss. When the bar boys razz him for it, he crows that he could kiss her by days end. Sam gets pressured into countering his claim, and before long everyone at the bar’s got a bet on who can lock lips with the ice princess before 12 midnight.  Every trick in the book, from fake CPR to the old “rehearsing for love scene,” gets used, until Rebecca asks Carla, the judge, what’s going on, and decides to stage a retaliatory plan. She takes each man aside and tells him that she wants him to win, with explicit plans on how to make it happen. In the end, she gets Sam and Woody to kiss each other, and avers that she “will not be used,” just before she drives Evan Drake’s valet to the airport.

Another lightweight, college-antic style episode, this one featuring shades of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Of course, we know that Rebecca will get deliver their comeuppance, and she does in a pretty crafty way – although nowadays that male to make kiss would be a lot more graphic.

BTW: Anyone notice how Sam’s character has changed immensely? Not only does he not get ribbed for being a intellectual idiot, but he doesn’t act like one either. Did he get a degree while on that yacht?

Cold open: Norm gives Frasier his hangover cure: reminding him of what he did the night before, including insulting a burly merchant marine.

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