Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cheers 7.12: “Please Mr. Postman”

Airdate: 2/2/89

Cliff’s in charge of training a postal newbie, Margaret O’Keefe, and his doubt turns swiftly to commendation when he sees how seriously she takes working for the United States Postal Service. Things improve even more when she starts getting warm for his form – and the two trollop off to a seedy motel to get down and dirty. Things no sooner get started when a cop enters, informing them that a postal truck parked outside has been reported stolen. Nervously, they tell their bosses that crooks stole the trucks – a lie that gets them off the hook, but Margaret’s integrity and loyalty to the badge take a beating, and now she’s no longer attracted to Cliff for the same. They fess up; she gets fired and he gets temporarily demoted, but now with a clear conscience she’s motivated to deliver mail in Canada, and wants him to join. Eager at first, the Cheers crew sings “The Ballad of the Green Berets” to change his mind.

Cliff-centered episode deals with another love conquest (but what happened to his previous girlfriend?). She’s basically a distaff version of him, and it’s a hoot to see their love for the mailbag keep them together. Subplot involves Sam’s quest to discover the song that acts as a sexual stimulus for Rebecca. It’s “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling,” but when he plays it, her delayed reaction causes her to kiss… Norm! BTW: If this is a goof, it’s a major one – why does Sam’s radio play “Unchained Melody” instead?

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